All started as a small wheels and tire shop in Jamaica-Queens New York. Our passion and precision kept pushing us to a current level, where we design and produce our own unique styled wheels for standard and exotic cars.

We keep a fresh approach to creation and sales of our wheels. Avoiding ignorance of big companies, we want to be in direct contact with our clients. Money is not everything - we are passionate about our wheels, and thank to innovative principles and direct strategy we are able to create top quality luxury wheels in limited series, for a price that few can compete with.

Unique is our goal. Ritewheel4less Wheels are jewels for your car and that is how we approach it. If you are curious CALL US! We are here for you - and we mean it! No call centrer style communication. You will be talking directly to us in Ritewheel4less Wheels HQ. We know our wheels inside - out and we want you to be a proud owner!

Got wheels from us? We are backing our wheels proudly - official guarantee is a must - we are standing strongly behind our wheels! There for you if anything unexpected happens - just mentioning it for the peace of mind.

Cars and wheels are our passion, and there is some brain power and skilled hands in the garage of our own - we call it ZEBA SPEED - Beautiful speed. MOD and TUNING not just for wheels.

Join us on social media to share you images or thoughts and join us in real events we organize for our clients and fans. Ready?

Welcome to the Ritewheel4less Family!

A sub-division of GWG Wheels