Tires need special care as they not only determine the speed of the vehicle but also measure the balance of the vehicle. Tires are basically the bearer of the whole weight of the vehicle and they must be of great quality. If you want your vehicle to let you drive it longer, then tires are going to play a vital role for you. Tires ensure the efficiency of your vehicle and also are responsible for your safety. Following recommendations must be kept in mind while selecting right tires for your car!

Checking and maintaining the tire patch area

The performance of the tires normally depends on the tire’s wear and tear.  You must check for the tread wear and main grooves of the tire. This determines working performance of the tire. You must check the grip of the tires before getting them fitted in your car. You have to check the total patch area of the tire which gets in contact with the road. The patch area is hardly the size of your hand normally. Also make sure to check the material from which the tires are made. The rubber must be sturdy and strong. You also should regularly care for and maintain your car tires.

Checking the Tire Pressure

Do you regularly check the pressure of your car tires every month? If not, then this may be affecting the performance of your car. Moreover, this is also very risky as the worn out tires or incorrect tire pressure can lead to unbalancing of your car and can cause serious accidents. Moreover, correct pressure also saves your tire from any damage and wear from the inner sides. In case, hot climate or any hurdle has led to small holes in the tire, then you must change the tires and test them before going on a journey. Correct Inflation of tires can boost performance as well as save the fuel used in the car.

Replacing the tire Valves for Protection

It is essential to use little components lie Tire valves for protecting the tires for longer term and save you from big damages. The tire valves can be replaced and are made from rubber. You must replace them regularly as they protect the tires. If they get cracked or worn out, then you must replace them to prevent the air loss. Valves are basically responsible for maintaining the airtight seal.

Protecting the car wheels

As the car wheels are metallic, therefore it is important to keep them away from any metallic corrosives. Moreover, it’s essential to rinse the car wheels and get rid of the dust and other particles. This will lead to better working of your car wheels and keep them from any wear and tear. The metal of car wheels can get rusted with time.

Cleaning the car wheels and replacing them

In case your car wheels  seem to have rusted, ten you must change them on time. Rusted car wheels can not only lead to slowing down of car, but can also lead to accidents due to imbalance of the car wheels.

Therefore, we can conclude by saying that proper care and maintenance of car wheels and tires plays an important role in determining the car performance.