Car wheels play a vital role in determining the outlook of your car; therefore it is inevitable to assess the appearance of your car wheels if you want a flashy car! Well, just in case you are looking for useful tips and tricks to clean your car wheels, then we have a lot in store for you! We know that it is not very easy to clean the car wheels when there is a lot of dust and grease stuck in the wheels. It can be really challenging to make your car wheels squeaky clean and get rid of all the brake dust and corrosion on the wheels. This brake dust can damage the car wheels and also affect the performance of the car. Let’s see how you can clean the car wheels effectively and easily!

What to do 


First of all, rinse the car wheels by using plenty of water. You can use a special car brush or car sponge for rinsing the wheels as well. By doing this, you can get rid of any loose brake dust or metal shavings that might be stuck in the wheels. Another quick tip to rinse the car wheels is to use any old tooth brush for cleaning the wheels. You can also do the rinsing by using a bucket of water for soaking the sponge and then rubbing the wet sponge on the wheel. You can even use a powerful stream of water for rinsing the wheels.Focus on one wheel at a time. Rinsing the wheels thoroughly with the wheel brush or a sponge will help you get rid of any hard matter or dust. Make surenot to scratch the wheels harshly. Check the lug nuts of the car wheels as the brake dust tends to hide in the lug nuts of the wheel.


After that, you have to dry the car wheel completely. You can use a soft towel for this purpose. This will let you prevent any water spots from getting on your wheels.You must rub the wheel by starting from the bottom and then working to the top of the car wheel for completely drying it.

Use a protectant 

Now you have to car wax to protect the car wheel. There are many different metal protectant liquids that have been specialized for protecting your car wheels in future as well. These protectants prevent the dust from sitting inside the car wheels and also keep the car wheels shining without making them lose their luster. 

You can find an impressive variety of protectants for your car wheels so that they don’t get rusted. These different high quality wheel protectants like wheel waxes are designed to buff your car wheel and make it resist any brake dust in the future.

Therefore, we can conclude that the car wheels should be kept with utmost care and attention in order to ensure the best performance of the car. You can clean the car wheels at home as well if you follow the above mentioned tips!