Are you looking for innovative tips and tricks to clean your Alloy wheels? If yes, then you have landed just at the right place!

We know that it is a great and arduous task to keep your alloy wheels squeaky clean and it’s not as easy as it looks like. The brake dust and the metallic shavings are really corrosive which are surely going to damage your alloy wheels if not taken care of. Moreover, there is a diverse variety of wheel cleaners in the market from which you can choose from. Let’s see how you can get rid of the corrosive matter from your alloy wheel!

What to do : 

Washing and Rinsing of Wheels 

First thing to do is to rinse the alloy wheels so that you can get rid of any loose dust. You can do the rinsing by using a powerful stream of water from any nozzle or sprayer. After that, you have to take a clear coat-safe wheel cleaner. Make sure to focus on one wheel at a given time.

Cleaning of Wheels 

Now, you have to clean your alloy wheels thoroughly with the wheel brush to get rid of any hard matter. You don’t have to scratch the wheels. Pay attention to using a wheel brush with soft bristles and reach the wheel spokes so that no area is left. You should also check for any dust in the lug nuts as the brake dust tends to hide in different places of the wheel. After you are done, make sure to thoroughly rinse the alloy wheel once again and then dry the wheel. 

Drying of Wheels

You can use a soft towel to dry the alloy wheels. This will let you prevent any water spots from getting on your wheels. This will boost the overall appearance of the alloy wheels of your car. 

Polishing of Wheels 

Now for polishing the alloy wheel, you first have to decide whether or not your alloy wheels are clear coated. There are usually two types of alloy wheels i.e. aluminum coated and clear coated. You can surely polish these twotypes of alloy wheels with any suitable and non-abrasive polishing tool that you find perfect for the wheels. Normally the clear coated alloy wheel doesn’t need too much of polishing as compared to the other one. There are many different types of metal polishing liquids and cotton/wool balls designed for polishing the alloy wheels. You can use different kinds of metal polishes to use on the clear coated alloy wheels.. This will make sure to keep the alloy wheels shining without making them lose their luster.  You can also find an impressive variety of aluminum polishes for polishing aluminum alloy wheels so that the alloy doesn’t get rusted. The polishes that have been designed to make the Aluminum alloyshine are specifically targeted on removing the oxidation from the alloy.

Use a Protectant 

At the end, you can also use different high quality wheel protectants like wheel waxes which are designed to buff your alloy wheel and make it resist any brake dust in the future. This makes sure that your alloy wheels shine brighter!