Your drive over rough tracks, dirty ground, dust-covered grass or hit rough motorways in the sun and rain. Have you ever thought what your car wheel might be going through? It’s the feet of the vehicle, no doubt very tough but it demands to care too.

After the car engine, the wheels are the most important part of your vehicle. You can always take care of those four wheels rather than investing unnecessary money in an untimely replacement. Moreover, coming to alloy wheels, it improves the performance of a car. A lot of people keep on driving miles after miles without worrying about the strong wheels. Don’t forget that even the strongest part of your car can get damaged without care and cleaning. 

The importance of alloy wheels

If you care about pure aesthetics, you would take interest in installing alloy wheels to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Usually, cars are fitted with steel wheels but there are certain technical reasons as to why you can fit alloy wheels. Steel ones are cheaper but still, the demand for alloy wheels are increasing and the upgrade is a matter of choice. These wheels made of magnesium or aluminum alloys, thus very durable, strong, lightweight, and very stylish and have certain added features. Alloy wheels are manufactured by forging metal alloys or by casting. But these wheels demand a great amount of maintenance and require special care to keep up the cosmetic appeal.

The smaller vehicles require three-spoke wheels but for larger automobile, its best to buy five or six spoke wheels. In case of luxury or sports car, install multi-spoke or twin wheels.

Cleaning alloy wheels on a regular basis

If you wish to experience smooth and safe drive, cleaning the wheels of your vehicle is a must. It is definitely a matter of expense but it's worth because your alloy wheels are also not less pricey. The process of cleaning is daunting but the final results would bring a smile to your face. A bucket of plain water and a piece of cloth won’t do the magic in this case; you need various other materials to go through the process. So here are a few cleaning tips for you:

• You need a powerful water spray initially – The first thing you need to do is loosen n up all the dirt sticking to the wheels and the rims. Use a powerful hose and spray the wheels from very close. Lukewarm water can do the magic but cold water is just good. You should know that alloy wheels are resistant to any sort of water damage

• Get a custom designed cleaner – These products do not contain any acid, thus very safe to use. Apply a good amount of cleaner on the wet rims because only a mixture of water and cleaner can prove effective. 

• Right kind of brushes – It’s ideal to use a brush with soft bristle for cleaning the wheels. Use the brush in between the spokes in a rotating manner for better dirt removal. There would be dirt sticking along the lug nuts and for that, you need to use a special kind of brush. Use the brush very gently for good cleaning. 

• Drying is a must – Right after rinsing, it’s your task to let the wheels dry because watermarks after getting dried can leave a mark and ruin the glossy surface. A soft lint-free wiping cloth is ideal to dry out the excess water. 

• Polishing and waxing both are important – If you are thinking of any routine care that could keep your alloy wheels in great condition, it's polishing and waxing. If the rims are coated, you would need a polish that is less powerful. First, you need to apply the polish and then use a special accessory to spread it. Opt for the best quality wax that would protect from moisture, dirt, and grime.

Protecting the alloy wheels

Once you have successfully cleaned the wheels, immediately add protection which is a wheel wax that safeguards your wheels and makes the next cleaning process easy. To add shine, use the best quality tire gel.

The safety measures while alloy wheel cleaning

Majority car wheels available in the market come with a painted surface and have a clear finish machine face. Use a high-quality car wash so that you don’t end up damaging the protective surface of the wheels. If you use a stain remover or bug, it can prevent long-term damage and waxing will safeguard the wheel finishing. It’s harmful to use abrasive cleaners, other polishing stuff or steel wool. Be careful while using automatic car cleaners because there are some that have acidic properties which is not good and neither is it good to use stiff brushes. Therefore it’s important to have a clear about processes and equipment prior to washing.

Another thing is that steam cleaning is not good for your alloy wheels because it can make the paint dull or wear away the coat on the wheels. Always cool down the wheels because it’s not good to wash hot wheels. Water on hot wheels would tend to dry out faster and this would leave a residue of soap on the surface of the wheels. For the same reason, also avoid washing wheels in direct sunlight. Dust accumulated in the disc brake is a serious issue and if you don’t remove it, there can be small burn marks into the alloy wheels which can further lead to pitting. It’s always advisable to wash one wheel at a time.

Cleaning is a must - Dirt can damage your car

Even you know that wheels are the dirtiest part of the vehicle so those two pairs need perfect cleaning. Please ensure that you clean the wheels every season because if dust and moisture keep settling it could cause permanent rusting. Your alloy wheels are beautiful and you would love to restore its beauty. Dust and dirt blow all the time outdoors, this accumulates on your car body but the wheels take a bath in the dirt every day. Even on any dry day, there is a certain amount of dirt accumulating on your wheels and this gradually builds up making those pairs really dirty. Dirt and grime cause damage to the entire vehicle and diminishes its performance, therefore it’s important to keep the vehicle clean including all its parts.


Now you have the answer to the question that how important it is to clean the wheels of your vehicle. Go and give your car a good wash and the wheels a good cleaning treat!!